Quirky Condoms

In my previous post I posted an ad on world aids day. Today we shall have some innocent fun.While going through all the serious issues of AIDS and HIV, I saw something which was really a good way of spreading the word of using condoms. There was a nice/funny article by Hemal Ashar on how condoms can be marketed. It sounds funny & I am sure you will have a great laugh. This is just a way to tackle a serious issue with a lighter air and in no way do I mean to make fun of anyone.

The article is named "Quirky Condoms"

World Aids Day (December 1) just went past us, in a blaze of hype and publicity. A doctor once said that in this age where gaining attention is important, even diseases have to be 'marketed' these days. Aids has done that better than most other ailments. So, with Aids and condoms taking up so much news space recently, here's a quirky look and some insane suggestions for condom manufacturers.

This columnist wonders why condom manufacturers do not make condoms like:

The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) condom: I have certain wicket, wicked ways to bowl a maiden over.

The cabbies condom: In a combination pack of black and yellow.

The MNS condom: Can only be bought by the Marathi manoos.

The Mahendra Singh Dhoni condom: Hope to score tonight.

The Page 3 condom: I am a designer condom, dahling. Look for the label on the pack.

The gay condom: I cost much less than Rs 377. (Referring to section 377 of the Indian Penal Code that criminalised homosexuality.)

The Censor Board condom: No dirty talk, please or you will get an 'A' certificate from the board.

The Virar to Churchgate fast condom: I am always your first class choice.

The movie-goers condom: I am also available in a multiplex pack.

The climate change condom: So what is wrong with feelin' hot, hot, hot?

The Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) condom: Always in the mood for (Sen)sex

The Nike sports condom: Just Do It

The Bollywood condom: I star in sex scenes only because the script demands it.

The weight watchers condom: I am available in a new, slim pack.

The chess enthusiast's condom: Available in two colours black or white.

The Mumbai bus commuter condoms: I am the BEST.

The estate agents condom: Unlike Mumbai's real estate, I cost the same in both north and south Mumbai.

The Mumbai Heritage Society condom: Like our heritage buildings, you need protection too.

The Ambani condom: You can Rely(ance) on us.

The Raymonds condom: We make you the complete man.

The gym-obsessed condom: Special discount for a six-pack.

The Mumbai University condom: For bachelors and masters too.

The Mumbai lingo condom: In dhasu, fundoo and jhakaas packs.

With these taken care of here are a few of mine....

Sprite condom: Seedhi baat, no bakwaas

Peter England condom: Honestly Impressive
Wills Lifestyle condom: Enjoy the change
Accenture condom: High Perfomance
Delivered Apple condom: Think different
CEAT condom: Born tough
Deutsche Bank condom: Passion to perform
Intel condom: Intel inside (LOL!)
Max NewYork Life Insurance condom - Your Partner for life
KFC condom: Finger-Lickin' Good (Nasty!)
Maxwell House condom: Good to the last drop
BMW condom: Sheer driving pleasure
Mazda condom: Zoom Zoom Zoom
And some serious ironical ones
Camera world condom: For negative people
Essar corp condom - A positive a++itude

Here is a link to my previous post on world aids day http://abhishekdesai.blogspot.com/2009/12/condoms-keep-em-handy.html

(The article was just with an intention of sending a message with an underlining of entertainment. There was no intention of hurting any feelings.

The taglines are copyrighted by the respective companies and are not made by me.)

Have a nice day! Use Condoms!

Condoms: Keep 'em handy

World AIDS Day went by on Dec. 1st. I was a bit busy the last week.
Here is something I created as an initiative for World AIDS Day.

(All rights reserved for the above image.)

I had created a print ad using this image for a competition around a year back. Since my ad is still on my old computer. I created a different one using the previous image. If I find the previous ad I will post it too.

Use Condoms! Have a nice day!

"Raaz pichle raat ke dinner ka" --- Hajmola not adviced!

The television was as usual on while having dinner tonight. Just during the commercials of the idiotic soaps came a commercial for a new show "Raaz Pichhle Janam Ka".
Now come on do we really need this stupid ass bullshit?
Who the hell does the channel think is it fooling?
By the way the show intends to put the participants in some "Hypnotic-Trance" state while some expert is going to find out about their past life.

And no prizes for guessing "Their" means "Celebrities". The show is going to call on some celebrities who think they matter to the world and who even go to the extent of thinking that their being a frog's anus in their past life will draw out "Gasp's" from the crowd. I hope it draws some well deserved slaps instead.
To top it all, the show is going to be hosted by Ravi Kisan. Another vital reason the miss the show.
The show is another entry in India's "Reality" television scene.

With babies, wives, husbands and all taken care of on shows like Perfect Bride, Patni, patni and blah blah blah, I came up with my own reality show idea. The next big thing in the reality scene is going to be to search the best celebrity fart. Now, come on don't you wanna know!

"Raaz pichle raat ke dinner ka" --- Hajmola not adviced!

(LOL, quick poster made by me)

Semester number 4!

I can't believe it! Another semester is about to begin. (Which is the 4th semester by the way and which also means that half of my 3 year course is over and the next half starts).
Starting tomorrow, actually today since it's already 12'o clock, my new semester starts.
This means another 6 months of lectures which are sometimes boring- sometimes fun, all time crazy!

The subjects for this semester seem varied. It includes photography, so there is every reason for this semester to be good! I'm also looking forward for "Introduction to Advertising" which I hope and pray should be taken by my HOD.
But this is no reason I won't be blogging or being away from webby!
So time for bed and time for 6 months of crazy stuff!

(P.S. I hope the assignments are good this time!)

For changing the bumper sticker!!!

My previous post was on why Asterix should be awarded a nobel prize if Obama is awarded one. This post gives you a funny take of the same, only minus Asterix. Some really kick ass funny pictures and comics on the Bam Bam Obama! and his precious!

Let us start with the pictures...(Please click to enlarge)

My Favourite

Now the comics...
(Please click to enlarge)

(All the credit to the respective cartoonists...None is mine)

A Medal before the race!

I suppose by now we all know that Barack Obama has won the nobel prize. A day after it was declared there was a very nice article in Mid-day by Abhijit Majumdar.
Here it is....

According to the official Nobel website, Barack Obama, the 44th President of the United States, got this year's Nobel Prize "for his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples".

Fair enough.

But then why has another man, two years older than Obama and just turned 50 the other day, been ignored?

Have the efforts of Asterix the Gaul been anything less than extraordinary to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples? What has Obama done that Asterix hadn't already outdone?

Obama is supposedly the champion of the underdog. But Asterix, leading his tiny Gaulish village with his burly friend Obelix and Dogmatix (an underdog if there was ever one), has held out against the mighty Roman Empire.

Okay, the Gauls have been a bit harsh with the Romans a few times & may be they've pasted the Romans unprovoked or entirely for fun a couple of times, especially in that forest where Obelix goes to look for menhirs.

But there are still thousands of US troops in Iraq and Afghanistan, right?

Also, if Obama has been graceful enough to extend the olive branch to Iran and the Islamic world, Asterix has been noble enough not to compete at the Olympic Games after downing druid Getafix's magic potion. While on olive branches, Asterix got one from his arch enemy, the baap of olive branches, Julius Caesar himself.

Must we also ignore the international cooperation that the tiny, mustachioed man promoted in Europe by helping Spain, Britain, Goths and others against a rampaging Rome? The ungrateful ladies and gentlemen from these lands on this year's Nobel committee have a lot to explain on why they backed Obama.

If the degree of fear one invokes in enemies is a criterion of greatness, I would like to know how many from Kandahar to Palestine or Cuba to Moscow would play a game of musical chairs to decide who's going to spy on much less attack the US? The Romans always do, and kick the weakling off to spy on the Gauls. Ask a chap called Caligula Minus.

Some would argue that certain environmental violations would go against Asterix. His friend does a bit of quarrying for menhirs, and the Gauls tend to over-hunt wild boars. Does that even compare to Americans over-fishing the cod in New England, its heavy carbon footprints (the US has 4 per cent of the world's population but produces about 25 per cent of all carbon dioxide emissions)?

Has Obama done anything about the shattering noise pollution in US cities? Asterix and his bunch might be raucous, but at least they diligently gag and tie-up Cacophonix before every feast, celebration or farewell.

And Asterix has better taste. If Obama has checked out the butt of Mayara Rodrigues Tavares, a Unicef representative from (where else) Rio, Asterix has sized up the rarest rear that of the great Cleopatra.

Bottomline: Nobel for Asterix. Till then his fans won't sleep in peace.

Abhijit has drawn out the comparion beautifully.
I loved the article! I hope you do too.

Edit-HTML Surgery Task 1 rebuked!

Well Well.........Now the thing is that, this template is great and it was suiting me perfectly. I even got my widgets properly arranged to suit this template.
But the only problem I'm having with this template is that if I post any picture it will be cropped to adjust to the narrow length of the pad. And if I don't select crop then half of the picture goes out of the pad and only half is visible. Now this is something which I wish shouldn't have happened. I was really getting well adjusted to the template and liking it too.
So now I have to quickly look out of another template......
So I guess task 1 has to be started again! Bah!

P.S.: - I had been to Matheran last week....Detailed post coming soon.